An Interpretation

As an artist, I like to compose or interpret themes and images. So someone like me could help the world see a moment of anxiety through visual means, or with a mix of words.

So, today is a day that has me thinking about how to interpret emotions and ideas into a script or screenplay. They are words, but translate into a visual world. So say, how does one tell the story of the dawn, or anxiety that feels, well expressed?

Perhaps it needs more pondering to see where it leads to. I am intrigued and need to see something fresh before me. There is also a desire to not ignore all the skills I’ve acquired as a visual artist. Sometimes it feels like there’s a struggle and trade when I write as opposed to drawing. It’s not necessarily true that it is trade off. I can’t do both at the same time. I’d need an extra set of working hands, and a mind that could focus on two distinct things at the same time.

So perhaps this is a return of sorts for me. I look forward to the results.

Happy creative endeavors.


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