This is My Sunday

A bit scatterbrained, and have yet to finish this coffee. Today is a day already filled with upsets, as I am unable to focus and make things happen. This means addressing some stuff, and hopefully the chaos will calm down.  If not, a strategic retreat is in order, with headphones, to get rid of all the outside noise.

Writing needs to get done. Had a vision of success, that can only get done if things get done. This means having to go all taskmaster on some things for myself. Some actions gotta cease, and I have to avoid procrastination. At least use loving as a reward after I complete what I’d like to get done.


Was working on some instructions for a friend when I created an example that ended up being the start of an hour-long drama. I need to finish this outline.  It’s raw as all get out–some of the characters don’t have any names. I may post some of it just to document my progress. I need to work on it today, and when I’m done with all four acts, I’ll consider posting.

Happy creative endeavors, and keep writing.



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