Wednesday Know Your Limits.

Today it’s a bit nippy,many I didn’t want to rise from my slumber. At the same time, I needed to get up and move about. The app for WordPress seems to be working again, which for some reason was being non-compliant which lead to a delete and redownload. So good to see it working with not glitches, crashes, or me using some choice words.

Writing was fruitful yesterday. I found myself looking up story structure, and applied it to the story I was working on. The research was good, as I found I was overwriting scenes. To clarify, each act in a show has a certain amount of scenes per story with up to three stories in an act. Although I’ve seen shows with more than three per act. We’re gonna go with three because I need to narrow ideas down.

What I’d love to do, with this knowledge is work on outlines for episode two and three, which should have equally successful momentum. I’d love to see these outlines completed.

One thing that I also did is write out a scene that played out in my head that came from the outline. It’s as rough as all get out, and will need to be revised, but the goal was to get the scene from my head I to a file. Writing it out also helped me see a problem with the scene and think of solutions.

Now I’m blogging. Blogging is good.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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