Cool Dreams

So, last night’s dream was simple and followed some logic where everything seems to click.  Usually my dreams conflict with logic, and there are things that don’t mesh, and annoy/frustrate me in my dreams. Last night just felt good, and waking up this morning was ok.

Did minimal writing, but watched a documentary on HP Lovecraft, then a couple of episodes of Agent Carter. Both the documentary and the show proved to be entertaining.  It helped stimulate my brain.

Needless to say learning a little more about Lovecraft helped me understand his craft a lot better. I knew he was influential, but he had a vicious racist streak that I knew about, and it turned me off to him, so I never wanted to read his works. I’m still off-put, and it does’t mean he didn’t have talent. Lovecraft was a walking contradiction in terms of his actual viewpoints and what he did in real life.

Lovecraft’s influence is seen on several creators I admire so it was worth watching, and perhaps I may read his stories one day…Maybe. Let’s be clear. It doesn’t mean I accept his viewpoints if I do.  I’ve heard Wagner’s music, and detested his anti-Semitic stance. He’s talented, but too hateful.  That hate really stands out and prevents me from having full enjoyment of his works. I digress.

Writing was a minimum yesterday, but in my lazy wake-up this morning, I imagined scenes I jotted down when I got myself up.  Been revising one already.  either has to do with the TV show, but I love the idea of writing just the same.

Happy creative endeavors, peeps.


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