A Big Clean-Up

Today is a new day, so I hope to get some things accomplished. This means committing more ideas to paper, and resolving things. My mind is not on writing, however it needs to be. Today is a day to get stuff done that has to do with writing.

Yesterday was all about job hunting, filling out applications, and praying for another interview, then praying it leads to employment. In the meantime, I keep writing. Yesterday found me trying to describe a character at his hear.  it went through so many revisions. It became to annoy me, yet I kept trying to figure it out.

I like the idea of working on a project and getting a few views. Time to put that away, get back to the TV show, and write down any ideas I have that i want to explore.  I’ve had some ideas on the back burner that I really loved the concepts, and what I wrote, and I feel the NEED them to breathe.

As always, happy creative endeavors.




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