Sensitive Trackpad, and Other Things

The last upgrade to my software had me thinking my trackpad was broken, and my laptop was gonna give me a lot of grief. Turns out the sensitivity on this thing was dialed up. Light taps elected stuff, and I was not prepared for that.  At times I was selecting things I didn’t want, and didn’t know how that happened.  Needless to say I figured it out.

Writing has been well, as I kept working on some stuff until I made an outline for the episode of this TV show.  It seems I reverse engineered this, so to speak. I wrote out scenes that popped in my head, which was a good thing, but I needed to organize things better than I had pre-outline. This only prover my professor was partly right about outlines.  Well, mostly right. Solve all your stuff within the outline before you go any furthers.

To be honest, I would not have wrote an outline had I not wrote out what was in my head first. I don’t think it meat I couldn’t be inflexible.  The outline, at least, allowed me to see some of the stuff I wrote, and some of it didn’t make sense. It had to go.  The rest of it felt good enough for me to keep and progress with.

Now I need to put together episode one.  There are new scenes that need to be written out. I will say this, I am happy that I did the outline, and recommend to people using one-as simple or complex as you need it to be.

Happy creative endeavors.


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