I’ll See You Later

Happy New Years to everyone. The brain is firing up, so this is the perfect time to get things committed to files or paperwork. This is also a great reminder to back-up save my current files. It needs to be done, and no better time than the present, right?

Job hunting last month has been less than satisfying.  A few interviews, which went reasonably well, BUT I didn’t get those jobs. In true spirit, I must move forward and keep progressing towards success.  Also in spirit, there’s time to look at some older writing projects, reclaim and revise them for the satisfaction of completing works.

Sometimes there’s a lot of ideas in my head. Putting them down and leaving them be gives them time to cool down, or a sort of divorce, where I seem them differently then when they were created. I’m reminded of a couple of novels I attempted to work on, and at some points could not work out the logistics of the material. Story structure, characters, and motivations is tough, sometimes.

Other times it can be a joy.  Go with the flow.  Sometimes my brain and my creativity seem like two different entities. All in due time for success. Its extremely difficult for me to say “I give up” when I know I mean, “I’ll see you later” to my writings.

Happy creative endeavors.




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