The KMAS Story

For the record the KMAS means “kiss my ass,”and if you get the holiday pun wrapped in the title, huzzah. What I’m attempting to do is write in a way that gets me out of my rut, the overall worry that the title is rude, or I’m stuck on my hang-ups about being too damn polite.

Granted, no amount of swear words will make you seem cool, fun, or edgy, I’m not any of those. This is me contemplating what a “Kiss My Ass Story really entails. Trying to imagine it, what does it mean. How could I put it into words. Is someone really kissing a butt.? Is someone being told off? What if the main character kissed a special ass, then a miracle would happen. However the person who’s butt it is, doesn’t want people near it, especially the main character since they detest each other.

That’s a concept. It could evolve. The title could morph. It may not.  It may need that to keep a visual. This is just me with a random thought in my head, and a wealth of imagination to turn something with such disdain into humor. As i write this, I know it won’t be charming or graceful, but am I charming and graceful.  Charming? Yes, I can be. Graceful? No, and I’ve tried. I stomp the daisies in the field of social graces.

Happy creative endeavors.

Happy New Years.


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