My Dreadful Thing Part 2

Not that I can control anyone’s perspective, but there were things that I dreaded. For one, the story is not a critique of black families. It is not a critique of men, women, races, the south, wealth, or sexuality. It’s all about family with some scandals, chaos, and drama going on. For the record I know many of the character’s are in the wrong. They don’t represent, and they for sure are doing some bad things. Also life is unfair. Stuff happens, and often.

From a personal standpoint, I know writing about topics in less than good lights can set some on their ear. I also know people love to see representations of themselves. All I can say is art doesn’t need to be compromised or comply to make a political statement. It can, but my goal isn’t to confront

I don’t know if the artist is supposed to give one anything other than quality. Quality isn’t necessarily inclusive. It’s not always cheery, noble, or empowering the way people seem so hungry to digest. Melodrama isn’t necessarily empowering.

So, I need to stop dissuading myself and write my melodrama. I know what I’m writing. I know what it isn’t. I know I don’t need to apologize for working on something that isn’t inclusive, noble, or empowering. Stories can be about anything, not one lane. I hope that 2015 will yield products, success, and less worries over thin air.

Happy creative endeavors.


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