Tuesday Drama

Things to do, issues to resolve, major irritations that need to calm down. The day starts with me getting organized, blogging, and writing. Needed to have some silence in order to write, but that’s not going to happen soon. There are too many distractions. I’m rather irritated, and lost my focus. Perhaps later, with some music, I’ll get that groove back.

Have a desire to look at some old short stories I wrote, reclaim them, and send them off to publishers. I’ll have to take the time to read what I have. Some of them I feel like I didn’t explore a theme, but have an opportunity to address this fact. Some of them stories struggle with fitting a category.

Wrote an outline for a character’s story arc for the TV show. I’m glad I did that. It’s an interesting situation going on, so I’m glad I completed it. Now I have a few more to do, make sure the theme works out, and things shall flow better. I need to revise the list of characters, think out scenes and draft them soon.


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