My Risks Management

Today I chatted with a friend about writing, and writing techniques. I recommend “craft chatting” to all artists. Find a friend who is also a peer, and speak on your crafts. It felt great to discuss issues with someone who could not only relate, but suggest positive solutions.

One thing we discussed was how stories/words affect people, and how we write them. For me, I know sometimes I feel like I should be less self-conscious of my work. Being a staunch self-censor myself, the problem stared me down. I liken censoring to stage fright: I forget all the lines and forgot to be funny, witty, and entertaining. The mystical comes
Off as antiseptic and bland.

As an artist, I know that sometimes images can sometimes confront, or expose aspects that we weren’t ready to receive. Just as they may inspire or delight a viewer. I wouldn’t apologize for any imagery I’ve created. From my point of view, what you get is what you see. If you don’t like the images, feel free to move on. I’m good with that action. As to why I haven’t adopted this philosophy into my writing, well that’s just fear.

I have to be willing to risk people seeing my stories as possibly being confrontational, angry, emotional, whatever feeling they may see within the text. Any story I wrote may even turn people off 100%. That’s ok to happen. There has to be an explicit decision to be true to the craft, and a willingness to write without filters, binders, or limitations.

That said. I’m being overly mannered, and that may be a politeness, it’s not being kind to myself as an artist. Even further, I know I can do better than fearing my own voice. I don’t have to fear other people’s reaction-positive or negative because that’s beyond my control, and should not factor into how I create. I should be getting the job done that I set out to complete.

More importantly, if I fear my own voice, who do I expect to read and enjoy my material? Hoping someone will accept mannered/affected writing doesn’t ring true for me. It needs to be something I can stand behind always. By “mannered,” I mean I wrote something, and it wasn’t awful, but offbeat. Not too shocking. Not anywhere near offensive. I thought it would be rude, and stopped developing the text. That has to stop.

So, I have to be willing to write without a filter and get over being so mannered. It’s not helping me succeed. It’s blocking quality and blessings. So I better work on my risking not being so polite and affected.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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