Series Bible

Doing some mad job hunting, which is always good. It is a job trying to get a job.  better to be vigilant about it, than to sit and hope. A lot of doors are closed to me, but that doesn’t mean giving up.  Giving up means thinking life is over. Since I’m awake, I can move about, and I have faith that success comes from diligence, it’s time to go to work.

Speaking of work, for the past few days, I’ve been trying to organize how this TV show I’m writing flows. In the past I stumbled a whole lot, and still stumbling. I couldn’t make the storylines work. Even further I had a lot of ideas, and those ideas seemed a bit random and unfocused. I forget sometimes that sometimes a story starts with randomness.  My job is to remember writing is rewriting. Don’t give up completely. Always return, reclaim, and revise.

What I decided a few days ago is to outline the first four episodes, which I did. The story felt a little stronger, and coherent.  Something still was off for me. A little later, I began working on the series bible with the focus on one main character. The series bible is the overall direction and viewpoint of a show/book/universe. It’s a tool for knowing who is who, what is where. Anyone working on the series would read this, and get an understanding of the world.

This effort more positive as I focused on a main character, and how to make the series flow a lot better now that I know who to give the most time towards. This character sees the world, and gives us an anchor of sorts. At least thats my hope for the character.  I need to do more writing. The bible also discusses my inspirations, and what I’d like to see and do, so it’s also kind of like theory, or world creation theory.

That’s a relief, and requires that I do more writing, as there is more of the world I need to explore, and be clear on. At least clear enough to move forward without feeling like its a misstep. So this is a positive direction.  The bible needs a lot of work, but in one day I managed to see a good patter. As I type this, I have more ideas, and even some new characters that may or may not work, but I think they will play off the main character pretty well.

I also want to address some more female characters into the story. They’re kind of lacking at the moment. By characters I don’t mean all heroes, but I’d like someone to challenge the main characters with smarts. I want some freaking cool villains who aren’t afraid to kick a puppy if it stood in the way of their goals. As I typed that, let me be clear that I like my villains ruthless, and I don’t endorse kicking puppies/enemies in real life.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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