A Saturday Warm-Up

Today is a nice day. It’s a bit nippy, but it looks nice. The sun’s up, bright, and I needed to get out of bed. I was gonna sleep late, but like many people, I know when I’m awake, and won’t drift back to sleep. It’s time to get to work.

Yesterday, I did more job hunting, and filling out applications. For some reason, I like to do a strong search on Fridays. It does me good to put a focus on the project. I get relentless, and sometimes filling out forms is a bit rough. Other times, it flows like a breeze.

Today I need to use that focus on my writing. The other day, I took all the writings from my Notes app, and created a Word file for each of them. It’s almost time to get onto rewriting and formatting those puppies. Also put down some notes for other screenplays. I have some ideas I’d loved to put to work past the idea stage and have pages of screenplay to follow up my imagination.

No films to speak about yesterday, but I did watch the latest episode of Legend of Korra. This show kinda owns me, and it is one compelling animated program. I’m invested in a lot of the characters. This is the final season, and there have been a mix of character moments, and some exciting, well-choreographed fighting scenes. Kuvira has to be one of the top villains in the entire series. Her move yesterday escalated things.

Like I said, I’m all caught up in there. Will have to do a full essays on the show and characters soon. It’s good to have some focus.

Happy creative endeavors.


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