Crossing the Threshold 

I need to write every day. Every day that I write, should be towards completing projects. Any drama, or nonsense should be eliminated from my world view. By drama and nonsense, I mean things that are negative, designed to hold me back, or designed not to help at all with any experience I may have.

Writing is a passion. It is a way to express myself. It is a joy, a pleasure, a gift. I enjoy writing. I enjoyed making my friends laugh, I enjoy writing scripts, screenplays, and short stories. My ultimate goals are to become a successful writer. I would love to see myself as a successful full-time screenwriter, television writer, blogger, writing short stories, plays, and novels in the future. I wish to turn my passion into a productive, successful, lucrative business. Writing is a business, as well as a form of art. Rather than debate the difference between the two, I am willing to embrace both.

Writing is exciting and fun, I love to work at my craft, there’s no reason to delay or deny the positive experience that comes from writing. What holds me back, must be eliminated from my worldview.

No project should be too big or too small. At this stage in my life, I know how to get things done. I have a specific skill set, along with experiences to handle issues that may arise. I am skilled problem solver, and I know how to make things work, and get them done.

I don’t need anyone’s approval to be me, or to practice my craft. I accept that there will be roadblocks, stumbles, and daily chaos that tries to interfere. It is my duty to stay on track, and on point.

I believe in my writing, and I believe there’s always room for me to improve. This means that I am constantly looking for better ways to communicate, and to be stronger in my communications.

I believe in the encouragement of other creators to do better, and to be better artist. We’re all artists. We are try to express ourselves in positive and creative ways. This is about being positive making sure peeps has a chance to be a creative.

Every day should be better than the last day. No day is guaranteed to anyone, and things do happen to us all. God willing, I will continue to make my days better as a person, as an artist, as someone who loves what he does.

I must make room for the fact that I will get things wrong a lot of the times. Being wrong means I am not perfect, and I am flawed. It does not mean that I should give up on myself, my family, or my friends. On the flipside of this material, I get things right. Right does not mean perfect. Right does not mean better than anyone else. Right means I am on the correct path. A project or an action has positive results.

Positivity brings forth positivity. I believe in me, I believe and my friends, I believe in my family. We will make positive progress. We will, through our strengths, be better, and greater, and find the success that we need.


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