A Saturday to Get Some Work Done

Between some errands/chores, like wiping down the dashboard in my car, light yardwork, and getting a meal, this is a day for writing. I’m inspired to keep working and progressing towards something better for myself. Since I love writing, and do a lot of it, I better to get myself back into focus.

I have a few ideas I actually worked on this week. The first was the TV script, which gained more scenes, and needs to go from really rough ideas (lots of dialogue, and a few lines for action/details). That needs to be developed and formatted for a proper script. Also today I worked out a prologue that I like for the TV series. Part of what’s got me inspired is I picked a character, and focused on his particular story.  it’s still an ensemble story, but having one character gave me insight into who he is, and what part of the problems in this world will be.

The second piece of work started with an idea for a film, so I wrote down idea, and a rough first scene. This needs to be worked on too.  I like that it went further than a few notes, and if I could, I’d like to see me push five additional pages of material from it this weekend.

Will try not to get too deep into details and overthinking things. Sometimes I think, in many ways, overthinking a project talks me out of it. This reminds me to do a backup of my files as well, because I didn’t do one of late, and I know putting it off is the wrong thing to do.

Will continue to write, and play some instrumental music to soothe my mind as I type.  I misplaced my classical music, so I’ll have to peep what soundtracks I have with me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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