Hello Tuesday

Was sure it was Monday when I woke up, but it’s in fact, Tuesday. Its a hot mess kinda day when it took a moment for me to remember that Monday came and passed. Perhaps the days bleed together in a way that I need to make more distinct. I dunno, I feel silly for getting confused.

Did some light job searching, and I need to do more, more, and more.  Keep searching and applying is my rule for getting things done.

Congestion flared up today, like it was going out of style. Post nasal drip flowed like a fountain, and I feel, sadly like a phlegm machine. I took a decongestant, and its working slowly. Drinking a lot of water. May need a hot drink, but I need to keep drinking water. Not sure what set me off like this, but it wasn’t pretty. I’m feeling weird.

Did some writing today for the TV script. There was an idea in my head, and I decided it needed to be written down. It looks rough and choppy, nut its written. Gotta get that text formatted soon.


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