It’s a Rainy Tuesday

It’s a rainy day, and there are leaves all over the ground. Can’t rake them because the ground’s too wet. It would be a mess of mud, leaves, and water.  Still those leaves need attention. I like a clean yard.  Of course, after a couple of days after being cleaned, the yard will be back to being full of leaves.

Writing was slower than it needed to be. Clearly my mind and hear was not 100% into the goal. I need to redefine myself.  It’s not that I didn’t write, I simply didn’t make the progress I could have done. In that sense my mind needs to be in the game.  So today I need to make clearer goals. I’m gonna break out the note pad and write down what I want to see done this week, and maybe what needs to be done today in addition to some house chores.

For now let’s see if I can keep some of the simple things like getting more focused, getting blog posts back to a more frequent basis, keeping optimistic, and overall having a better day than yesterday. I did get my coffee, and I need a few glasses of water. I feel I haven’t done my fair share of drinking water.  Water is good for me.  I’d like to see my bed made up, just to ave it made before I decide to retire to sleep tonight.

So today, I must write out my tangible goals for this week-in regards to the writing. I must stay optimistic, and get some chores done.  I feel like this is a step in the right direction.

As always happy creative endeavors.



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