Get Back In the Game

Writing has been stilted, stumbling, and failing for me. It should be a bad thing, as procrastination, for me can be fun, enticing, and what’s in my head doesn’t have to follow any liner rules, however a pen needs to meet paper, a file needs to initiated on my behalf.

Been putting too much time into not writing, and granted I’ve been engages in other tasks, I know I can do more. As always it starts with a simple blog post, then I owe it to myself to place some quality time into writing some actual script, or story. Something to get the ideas from my head into the world.

Yesterday, I at least wrote out some background notes for a character for the TV show. Part of me, all week has been asking what are these characters risking, or what they have a stake in this series. Fortunately, I wrote one of the main characters ideas out. It makes for some good insight. I have to know what’s all the characters have at stake in the world. Also began requiring parts of the prologue for this series. This time I hope it expands.

That’s it for me. Will likely be writing something, anything soon.

Happy creative endeavors.


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