Play Early and Pay: Buying a Game Demo

I’m excited about the release of the game, Dragon Age Inquisition. Those who know me, are aware of my love of this dark fantasy RPG franchise, and I’ve posted a few videos from the game in the past.  Yes, I’m all caught up in the hype, and love every minute of it. For the record, the games in the Dragon Age franchise are: Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age Origins Awakening, Dragon Age II, and the current game Dragon Age Inquisition.  Dragon Age Inquisition comes out next week, and I look forward to eventually playing this game.

What I hoped for, before the game was released was to play the demo of the game.  This time there were no demos. For those not in the know, a demo is a sampling of the game. With the last Dragon Age game, Dragon Age II. It gave us a couple of sections of gameplay, and like most demos, it was free, and served to entice players to try the game, and offered some in-game bonus items for playing.

So now, with the new game, there is no demo, which is pro/con, but that’s a done deal.  What one can do, according to the Bioware website, if you have an Xbox One is purchase EA Access subscription, and before the game release dates, download a trail version of the game that allows you six hours of gameplay. Isn’t that a demo? Aren’t people now paying for a demo? Perhaps this is the way of the future. Perhaps our anticipation has been measured, and there’s coin to be had for our desire to play.  I suppose making a demo exclusive works out somehow.

Like I said before, I will eventually get to play the game, and I’m sure I will be excited about it, and that will be the best aspect of the game itself. To everyone who will get a chance to play, enjoy yourselves. I do think they franchise only got better, and can’t wait to hear tales of how people had fun with the game.


8 thoughts on “Play Early and Pay: Buying a Game Demo

  1. But….6 hours starting from the beginning of the game will just be a retread of those 6 hours when you buy it fully, a demo benefits from being a highlight reel from across the games span.

    • I think the player can save the six hours and it carries over to the actual game. Not sure of the logistics of the demo/timed trial. I’m a bit sad you have to pay for the trial.

      I agree, the demo should give a potential player a flavor for the game.

      • Even if you can save your content thus far and bring it over, those 6 hours aren’t a relaxed and a deeply appreciative 6 hours of play, knowing you have a timer on you always makes me feel uncomfortable when gaming.

      • I suppose, although I’d wager it is more like chewing gum to tide you over till your next meal, just something to keep you busy.

      • I’ll be happy to wait it out. It’s just one week until the game’s released, and the reviews have shown a lot. I do like what I’ve seen so far, but there’s nothing like playing a game for yourself.

      • indeed, it isn’t like there is nothing to play for a week, this holiday season is so jam packed full of games I’m gonna be busy for a good long while.

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