The Great Investment

Don’t internalize negative comments from others. If what they said was true, you’d never do a thing you think is worth doing. You’d never write, you’d never laugh, you’d never breathe another breath because someone unqualified to judge you did, and you listened. More importantly there’s a reason they’re throwing shade your way in an insincere manner.

The true test comes when you’re about to get something done, and someone’s useless voice pops in your head, and it makes you want to stop. Somehow, you don’t put that pen down, stop breathing, or living your life. Why is that, you wonder? People lie to get over on others all the time. To many, why should you be happy when they are not. You’ve been sniped at, with hopes of someone seeing you go down in flames.

I’m not saying that words hurt, or peers don’t know how to turn the screws to you. Words do hurt, and have a way of cutting to the core. The difference is, now that it’s heard/unleashed, and you know a thing or two about how fake and fakes the message and the messages are, it’s time to put your talents to use.

What you may or may not think about is, when you’re working on something you like or simply living your spirit knows the truth. It knows the person with the poisoned thoughts and tongue wasn’t telling the truth. See them for who they are, know that you can take a course in your life that changes. Know that your life and talents aren’t about someone else. It’s about you, and when you find yourself breathing, writing, drawing, singing, etc., in spite of naysayers, you’ve already proven their words invalid.

Those kind of fiends never stop trying to drag you down. What can be done is to keep striving, and knowing that you put faith, security, confidence, and integrity into yourself, and your endeavors. It’s how I can wish everyone happy creative endeavors. It’s how I may lapse in writing, yet return. It’s how I get up in the morning, look/apply for jobs with the hopes of being employed again. It’s more than never give up, never surrender. It’s believe in you, and work things out. Sooner or later time will even things out.

Happy creative endeavors, and put stock in yourself.


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