A Prologue in Pieces

Last night, I almost stayed up and watched a cheesy action film from the early 90s called, Street Knight. If it wasn’t so late, I may have watched it, however that was not meant to be. I was tired, and the bed felt good.  That’s not the only thing that happened yesterday. I was experimenting with writing a prologue for the TV show that I put aside days ago to focus on other projects.

Since the script is a fantasy story, I’m hoping that a prologue could set the stage for the audience. Yesterday I wrote out pieces for it. Every time I try to get myself together and write something more cohesive in a formatted script, I have a fail moment. Well, what does this mean? Perhaps I’m simply going to have to sit and make myself write this scene out to a first draft worthy scene. Seems reasonable. I’d like to think if I try harder, I can see something to at least say, doesn’t work as a scene.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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