A James Bond Sunday

Film watching is a way for me to unwind my mind. Since I can watch a film, I choose Skyfall, a James Bond film. I love genre films, and espionage simply does it for me. Interestingly enough, it informs me of projects I’m currently working on, or shelved. I needed to see something that was non-fantasy or science fantasy for that matter. It gives me different perspective on how story worlds work, as the elements and film form pop back into my head (can never leave cinema studies behind). So far this film has a lot of politics and espionage. I like the revenge angle. Not sure if M is gonna make it.

The look of the “crossing the ice scene” looks great. Powerful image. I could just sit and watch that all day.

Writing’s been suffering of late, but I will say this, job hunting has been up.  No less than ten applications went out last Friday. I’m exhausted, from applying, but I will do more this upcoming week to keep the ball rolling. I’m pleased to keep the efforts going. Will write something constructive a little later, but I wanted a blog post. It’s the first since I restored my laptop. I’ve used other devices to post.

Well, off to do some writing, and hopefully some progress on various things.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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