Rejection Letters

Rejection letters in regard to my writings are rough, annoying, and at the same time empowering. Let me explain. It smarts because someone is saying they don’t want the material for publication or production. That’s always a hang up. I can’t know all the reasons why, and can’t figure out an editor or producer’s thought patterns (I’ve submitted materials to both). It’s just a disappointment out of many disappointments. I will kindly add art to the mix. I’ve submitted art portfolios as well.

Sure, working hard on a project with multiple drafts, asking friends to read it and give feedback, and doing more revisions is work. Wanting that acknowledgement and justification creeps into my brain, and fuels dreams of being published, produced, or accepted in a gallery. It is the stuff of all creative dreams.

Submitting polished material off to publishers, producers, and even art shows/colleges is an awesome feeling of accomplishment. If only one could see and know that I’d put more effort into a project to make it better (I’ve done that many of times), things would work out. But people can’t know this. Sometimes a project hits the wall. It does, and sometimes I find myself shelving projects, and working on others.

It is annoying because rejection sucks. It does. It makes me sad, and I feel bad for a day or so. Then I remind myself to do more writing, and do more. I put the rejection out of mind, and get onto the next thing. Being told the story’s not accepted only makes me want to write more. I want to write better, more diverse material, and simply not give up. I’ve revised rejected projects, and will continue to reclaim projects. I feel it’s important to believe in oneself and improving on one’s craft.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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