Slow to Warm-Up

How apt that it’s cool in the air for this fall season, and the topic is about warming up. Writing progress has been notoriously minimal, and that alone means things need to step up in regards to creativity. There’s no large progress to report in regards to writing. What does this mean?

Perhaps it’s a transitional phase. Perhaps I needed this setback or step back to see myself. If I were pro, I may not have these indulgent moments. I’d have to produce work at a greater frequency. Admittedly outside stimuli has gotten the better of me at the moment, but that doesn’t have to be the case for the entire month.

There’s still some software to upload to my laptop, and I need to move past the trauma of nearly losing everything on it. In fact I haven’t consistently written since my laptop crashed. I suppose this is just me worried about working again, and facing that the laptop could crash again. It should be no more different than my car. It’s died several times, and had malfunctioning parts. I still use it. I love my ride. That’s a lot like my laptop. I want it to last, and I hate the idea that it could crash again.

Still, that’s not a reason abandon writing. As I sit here, and the TV is on news, with me sipping my coffee, my mind says “write,” and that’s what I wish to do. It starts with a blog post.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I haven’t given up writing my spec pilot tv show, short stories, and screenplays. Never did. The minimal writing was notes for them, and jots of ideas. I want to do more than the minimum. Minimum got me nowhere. I have to crack the code that gets these materials pages of text.


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