Sunday Coffee

Got up out of bed, and suddenly the first thing on my mind is coffee, so I made a cup. It’s gonna be followed by a cup of water, and eventually a meal. I have cereal, or something in there to quell my stomach. Quelling is fantastic.

Yesterday, I went over themes and storylines again. I have to say, I was very dissatisfied with the progression of what I wrote previously, and I feel that two things need to happen before I can make the first episode really gel for me.

The theme and focus need to be right. I have an ensemble story, but I need a grounded character who is the focus of the overall story. I need that theme to work, and it will carry through the story by this singular protagonist, as he is the only person tied to all the characters. It’s annoyed me that I didn’t figure that out until yesterday.

The second big thing is my story needs a good title. Sounds like a simple thing, but a story with no title doesn’t work for me. Sorta like my short stories. They need something that binds them. I suppose for me title is equally important

The good news on top of progress is I already wrote out a lot of scenes, and these scenes will help me shape the story better, as I refresh and revise the outline I just wrote. Direction is a keen thing, and I’d love to see completion. Make the story better and stronger. Why not start today.

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