Saturday Morning

The computer crash was a bit much to take when it happened. Getting software restored, then updated proved to be tricker than anticipated. Forgot about Scriviner, Movie Magic Screenwriter, and a few others, that are separate from the basic package. I was able to restore them with some time and effort. Very grateful they work.

Some files I saved on my flash drive, so I had back up of a lot of things. Many music files from CD’s I owned, it looks like I’m going to have to rip again. I have the CD’s in storage somewhere. I gotta find them. The ones from iTunes I can mostly re-download. I hope I can find the imported CD’s which contained soundtracks from other countries (mostly Japan). Others were part of my collection for ages.

Still writing, but didn’t feel much like it. Thoughts crept back in my head, and reminded me that I wanted to have an overview of the TV series. I wanted to make sure each episode had a theme, and the stories were thematically linked. Having issues with the the sets, as I don’t think they properly convey what I wanted.

I’m pretty sure the theme for the first episode is “authority,” as the episode was inspired by a character’s speech, and he’s an authoritarian type of person. Everything should fall into place then, I hope. They story carries over to the next episode, but I think theme doesn’t, or does it? Perhaps I have an overall theme, and then a sub-theme. Not sure. I need this to work.

Didn’t think I had anything to say today, but look at this. Progress is slow, and sometimes upsetting. Still, the idea of moving forward does me good, and makes me smile a lot.

Happy creative endeavors.


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