The Turmoil Post

Every now and then, there’s enough chaos going on to upset the balance of my life. To this fact, I find myself unable to perform the simplest of creative endeavors. Rather than be upset, I shall strive to keep striving. I feel like a hot mess, but at the same time, I wish to at least update my blog. Hopefully the turmoil will subside.

Writing has ranged from a few smatterings of plots and ideas being written, to nothing. This is weird. It seems like my talent has abandoned me, it hasn’t. I gotta pull myself together.

EDIT: The weather outside looks good, after several days of rain and gloomy skies. I see the sun, and it’s warmer than it was previously.

The puddles of rain have gone, and the ground’s saturated with water. I make this observation in part to get my mind on the world around me, and to write a little more. Seems simple, but I can say I put some energy towards my craft. Small victories and all.

Happy Creative Endeavors.


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