9/12/14 Good Morning

Hello World. I’m up and about far sooner than I wanted to be, however, I did go to bed early. Trust me, I tried to go back to sleep once I realized it was early, but my mind was active, imagining all sorts of scenes and scenarios for everything.

It’s gotten slightly cooler than usual (summer like blasts humid heat in the southeast). Noticed that it got darker sooner as well. I welcome some cooler temps, and less heat. My mind is not ready to write yet. Perhaps after some hot tea, I’ll be in a working mindset.

Have to say, as I type this, I do miss the internet, and keep pressing the browser icon out of pure habit to check my messages. Eventually, if I leave the house, I may stop by the library and check my messages.

Might as well get some chores done to get me moving, and my thoughts going. I’m looking at you, laundry bag. Time to make some clothes as fresh and clean as Tide can get them. If I do the laundry now, I won’t have to think about them this weekend.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I’m gonna open another blank Word file until I get something on that page to fill it with.


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