9/11/14 Staring at a Blank File (What you Gonna Do?)

Did not feel like writing today, and yet I did. It’s all good. I gotta put something down for the script, or I will feel like I’m procrastinating. Had some things like making a list of the scripts and screenplays to see what I often work on. So this post ends now with me opening a Word file, and staring at it until I put some material on there.

UPDATE: For the record, I wrote out two pages after thinking I had nothing to go on. It’s good to prove myself wrong, and to get material done. It’s more than I expected, and better than I hoped for to convey some simple transactions.

If I have any tip about feeling like you can’t write something. I challenge you to open a Word file or whatever medium you prefer, and write down some stuff. A smattering of dialogue, a dab of description, or a plot point. It may be a little bit at the moment, but perhaps the following day you can turn it into something worthwhile. No one said a first draft is supposed to be perfect. Mine rarely are.


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