9/11/14 Some Progress

Yesterday did a lot of writing. Mainly for the script, which I worked on to get act one of episode two together. Found myself writing a small two page scene where things escalated into an argument. Its weird but I knew how to write the “angry” moments well. I’m gonna have to look into that, because it got what I wanted to say in two pages. Maybe I need to think more on how the characters feel and their desire per scene. It may tighten some things up as I progress, and when I do revisions.

Wrote some other things down, like concepts, and revised tales. As per yesterday’s post, I read and revised the sexy vignette. I need to leave this one alone for a while. It has a companion piece, so I may disturb that one soon. It was written in a far goofier state the updated story, and has a different tone. Will address it in due time.

Looked at some old writings. It was to see what was in my back up flash drive. I can tell you if I let items cool off, these items have gone into deep freeze. Some of the items I have not seen in a long, long time, and was able to read them with the freshest of viewpoints. I like what I read, and want to add more to them.

Did find an not so old script I hope to get a chance to work on. I thought of it for television, but I don’t know yet. All of this stuff is on the back burner. I did notice how this story supernatural focused on death, and I had another script that also dealt with the topic. They are very different, and I’d like to see them reclaimed and reworked.

About yesterday’s treatment, I thought about it more. Still not 100% sure of everything, and where it goes. It does need to be rewritten. One thing is I’m changing all the lead characters’ names. I read this, and they all had double consonants in their name (Darrell, William, Ella, etc.) It made them far more playful that I wanted for the story. So I’m gonna reach in my bag of tricks and pull out some new names for these characters at least.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I remind now myself to back up what I wrote yesterday, as I failed to do so last night. Save, save, save, and put stuff on an external drive as well.


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