NOTE: I’m without internet for a few days, so I decided that I shall write my blog posts in Word, and post them when my internet is restored. For me this is a lesson in maintaining my writing in spite of circumstances beyond my control. So, for those who read them (thank you), and in some of these posts I incorporate the date in the title and hopefully they won’t confuse people. I may just call them “retroposts.”

Last night I worked on the second episode of the fantasy story. It took a little doing, and building from a few scraps of ideas, but I got to page seven, so I’m pleased with that progress. Also sorted out a couple of ‘displaced” scenes from earlier drafts that fit episode two. It’s a keep working and writing type of deal.

Made back-ups of my files today. The goal, was not to forget to do this more often, so in case I have a crash, there’s a spare. While looking over the flash drive, I noticed that there was a treatment I wrote a while ago. A quick peak at it, had me revising parts of it, as the material looked fresh. It had a date on it, which I didn’t change just added todays date to the material and marked it as progress. Will back that up, and possibly think on the theme, main characters, and what happens. Will tell more about this one in a separate post.

Hope to do more writing on the script, and keep plugging away for success. That’s all anyone can do.

Happy creative endeavors.


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