9/10/14 III: Sexy Little Vignette

Hello All,

A few months ago, I wrote out some dialogue concerning an exchange between a lady and a knight. Decided that yesterday was the perfect time to flesh out the story (no pun intended) a little more. Put a few descriptions here and there, not impede the flow, but set the scene. I need to reread it soon to get a feel for what I put down.

Said story is a sexy little fantasy ditty about falling for a seduction. I was goofing off a lot, and playfully wrote the exchange, which made it fun and curious for me. When I added some details, the ditty became a three-page story. Part of me wants to write more, like how the knight arrived to the lady’s keep, what happens after the seduction. It would cease to be a vignette, where I’ve captured a moment, but it might be worth exploring.

Happy creative endeavors.


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