9/10/14 II: The Treatment

To discuss earlier from post 9/10/14, I wrote a treatment (plot summary) a while back for a Douglas Sirk-inspired melodrama with hopes of turning it into a screenplay. I left it alone for months, and spotted it on 9.10.14. I re-read the treatment, and made a few on the spot revisions, and added the revision date to the text.

Let me say that for those not in the know, Douglas Sirk directed several interesting melodramas, including, All That Heaven Allows, and Written on the Wind. To clarify, I’m not trying to recreate these melodramas, but give my own take on a melodrama. Knowing me there will be a healthy dose of humor, and dark elements. Sort of a dark melodramatic comedy with hints of absurdist elements.

I can say, after reading the treatment, the ending needs a lot of work. It looks like info cram in act three, and that really turns me off. At the same time this is a draft, and at the time, the ideas needed to be placed on file so that I understood where characters were coming from. If it annoys me, then the next few passes at rewriting the treatment will evenly disperse and revise the material.

What I like about the treatment is when I wrote it, I thought the story was about tangled relationships, and it is, but a lot of it has to do with the consequence of being a sidepiece to someone who is in a committed relationship. The thing that’s melodramatic in this story, to me is how messed up some of the characters behave, and in old melodramas, it was about being constrained by the rules and expectations of domestic situations.

It needs more work before I feel it’s a presentable product to start working on as a screenplay, and I hope to get a chance to really redraft this treatment soon.

Happy Creative Endeavors


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