Tuesday Post

Writing the second episode produced some anxiety yesterday, and the output was slim. The story needed a new scene to open up with, and my mind seemed to rebel. Finally, when push came to shove, I decided to write a scrap of something, which produced a a page. It’s a simple page, but that page marinated in my brain overnight, so new ideas pop forth.

There are some scenes already written, but things need to fit. Also I discovered the heart of this series, as I built an issue that needs to be investigated and resolved. This is good for me to have a stronger focus, but it means I have to make sure the other characters tie to this central plot. Otherwise the arc is going to go flat in some areas and stronger in others. Somehow all these characters, plots, and scenes have to tie together.

In effect I have to reinforce the theme(s), maintain the A, B, and C stories and keep progress. I understand my anxiety just a little better after writing this information. I was ready to try a different project to “get away” from this, but that’s what I did with the novel, and stories that had longer commitments. I need to complete what I started. Even though I said I wanted three episodes, I may end up completing four. Nothing to it, but to do it.

Happy creative endeavors.


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