First Draft for Episode One is Complete

Yesterday, episode one got done. It’s a real rough draft, but all the parts fit. It’s time to move onto episode two. Parts of the second episode is already written, as there were scenes pushed back out of episode one when adhering to the structure of television scripts, and expanding on scenes and themes.

For my journey into episode two, there needs to be a quick outline, and then going from there. I already know and can “see” events that take place. For the record, the genre of this show is fantasy, and was written in mind as a premium cable network show. It didn’t mean I didn’t need to brush up on TV story structure and try to hit the right beats. The goal of three stories is simply what I wanted to do in order to make the vision of this series open up, and look viable.

Eventually I’ll have to go back and do a tough set of edits, but for the moment, momentum is important, and I’m hoping to finish episode two far quicker than I did episode one. I have a feeling this will happen. For the moment I am very happy. It’s a victory to want to get something done, feel that progress was made, and moving forward. With that, I’m a get something to eat, and go write more. Write, write, write.

Happy creative endeavors.


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