Do The Thing

Happy Labor Day. It doesn’t mean a day off for me, as writing must get done, and writing is good work. First, I had a couple of weird dreams that stayed with me, so I’ve been writing them out. One of them is a plot. Not sure where that’s going just yet. It goes to the back burner. The other one needs to be be written, and I think from the imagery in my head it has a horror/supernatural aspect to it. Again, the back burner for things.

Eventually will get into the script today. My brain is a little messed up on the progress.  My notes are a bit discombobulated. That might have to do with the fact that when I last worked on it, I was highly annoyed and distracted by outside forces, and had to stop writing, of face screaming and running out of the house and around the block until I passed out. That would’ve been pretty ugly.

I just feel like the rug was snatched from under me, and now I need a moment to regather, focus and write, like there was a paycheck and a deadline behind this, and this blog post. My promise for this day is to make sense of what I started and committed to completing the thing. After all, I have stuff I’ve back burned to get this done.  I’m frustrated again. I’m a get my shoes ready for a run around the block.  Why isn’t this working? I’m a stronger writer than this. I need to relax. Will endeavor to do better.

Happy creative endeavors.


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