Lovely Migraine

Today I have a lovely migraine, and neck pain. I need to take something for this pain (just did). In the the meantime, I owe myself a blog post.

Yesterday I wrote, and finished off act II. I set a goal of fifteen pages, but ended up with fourteen. The way I see it, the act has a little wiggle room for adjustments, and not too tightly wound. That, or I can make a quick scene to wet someone’s appetite, but the content is for premium cable where there are not commercials.

Yesterday was also full of distractions, and I got so frustrated that work couldn’t be done. First my screenwriter software crashed. I only lost a half page of dialogue, but it pissed me off. Software restarted just fine, so nothing was corrupted. Next came dealing with family, and interactions. After the crash, and the bombardment, thinking went south, so I stopped writing for the day.

Today is migraine land, and in a moment I’m sure I won’t want to look at this darn screen. I’m rather annoyed with this. This extra strength stuff is taking some time to be effective. Gonna get some water, and relax.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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