It would almost be fair to call from the weekend till late last night a time of pure slacking off. No blog posts, no writing for me, which is both good and bad. It’s good to rest, even a little. It meant looking at movies and tv shows. Mainly on Sunday I was taken in by some dinosaur documentaries. It was my weakness. This was followed by watching bad procedurals, which kinda killed the knowledge and awe of dinos.

That’s not all I watched. Got to see the final of season three of The Legend of Korra, and that was sooooo satisfying. It reminded me of how a good story can make a viewer invest in the characters, the conflicts, and resolutions. I needed that.

It’s bad because a whole weekend went by with me slacking off. It felt like being in college again. No, nothing is at the last minute, BUT it would have been nice to cap off a scene or two that I have ready for revisions. Slacking off also meant no blog posts. So here I am,mashing to myself if I want to write, let’s start with a post.

Late last night, I worked on a couple of characters, developing ideas of what their strengths and limitations are. It needs a whole lot of work. Dunno what it’s for, yet, but I have an idea. Glad I wrote something. Now back to the script.


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