Still in the midst of writing. It’s been a positive thing. Managed to write and add more pages to the updated script. So the page count is up to forty-two. The goal is to add more pages and make sure the pages I added last night are formatted correctly.  The try drawback to cut and pasting from word is that the formatting may be off. it requires me to read though each line and correcting the material. Its work, but I’m not minding completing the task.

Wrote some more this morning, and I have pages now that I’m revising in word files. The morning’s writing was in the Notes app, so I need to get that in a doc file soon. All I can say is last night I turned into a writing dynamo. Perhaps I’ll gets to writing again like that. At the moment, I’m at a simple, steady pace. So I hope to add more pages to the actual script. f anything I’d like to reach fifty soon.

Happy creative endeavors.


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