Cool Day

The day starts with that “it looks like rain” mood, where the sun has vanished, and it’s cooler than usual during the summer. Have some pain in my neck that I hope goes away soon. Perhaps if I relax a lot more, it’ll fade away. It seems all the aspirin is gone in the house. How disappointing.

Writing came to a halt yesterday, and I attempted to dream up thoughts on how to make the script better. I have a few ideas, but not sue how to make things happen.

In the meantime, my head floods with other ideas, and therefore this morning, I wrote one of the concepts out. It was a money where I saw a few details from the characters clearly, so writing it out at least gave it some life. It’s very clunky, but it comes outta the head like that. Who knows, maybe I can use it for the script, or it’s a separate creation.

Searching for a job as well. This is some mad crazy biz. It’s a freaking mess. At least I feel like it.

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