The Tuesday Warm-Up To Writing Post


Hope your day’s been going well. If Not, may it get more positive, better, and happier ASAP.

Been trying to get the script together, which meant I made a new Screenwriter file, and will add the scenes in and build the material back up. A friend reminded me that’s how some research papers got done (which I am very familiar with). The processes sounds daunting, but last night, when I tried to add new material to the current file, it simply didn’t work the way I planned. Also pees distracted me more than a few times. I got a little out of sorts.

My goal today is to follow the outline, and add material one piece at a time. I want to see episode one completed, and with all the material I have this can be done today, barring any distractions.

Maybe I should eat breakfast first. No need to feel hunger pangs while writing, when it can be prevented now.  Gotta make stuff happen.  if not me for myself, then who?

Happy creative endeavors, and stay positive.



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