Hello Monday

Yesterday I had a flow with the writing. Kept it going when suddenly family decided while I was into my craft to constantly stop me. The more I tried to complete a sentence, the less it was going to happen. Finally I attended to the issues, got soaked in the rain, and dried off. Got something to eat, and was ready to write again. My muse, however, was not feeling that.

What I had roughly was five pages, and perhaps that was enough. Late, late in the night, after watching The Strain, did I find myself revising the text. I needed it to be less, as this was an addition to a scene that I felt needed to be stated, as opposed to what I had. Will have to merge and revise the original scene.

Speaking of The Strain, it took a few episodes to get off the ground, and it has my full attention. I want to know what happens next. A couple of things irked me, as some of the characters did some stupid things for intelligent people. I suppose that can’t be helped. Anyways, in this show, vampires are grotesque, and things don’t get better for the victims.

I need to write more. Interruptions or not. I have an outline for the first episode. Gotta get the story to flow and be done for a first draft.

Happy creative endeavors.


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