Good Morning

Found myself writing early this morning. It initially started off as a simple revision to some dialogue I wanted to add to a scene. It flowed pretty well. Eventually I’ll have to add the new material to that scene, and that’s where the work begins. It’s pretty rough and raw, so when I get the chance, I’ll sit down and hammer out how I think it should play out.

One thing that came out so distinct in the writing is how much the characters had to say. I didn’t realize they had these point of views. Sometimes it’s like the characters have a will of their own, and completely have to get things out of them. Perhaps its a character moment, or truth moment. I’m getting to the heart of some of the issues that the characters need to address and resolve.

Last night, I had an epiphany for another scene. This was something I wrote previously, but rejected because I didn’t think it would fit properly into the story. My mind ran across the scene, and I wondered if it would work after a few events occurred. Sure, I’ll have to revise several parts of the dialogue and actions, but the scene now makes sense to me. Glad I wrote it out when I did. Hopefully I labeled the file I wrote it in. If not, i’ll find it, and get things done.

It feels good to be in a writing mood in the morning. For the past few days that sensation hasn’t been there, so writing has felt very very dry. I have to go with the flow. I do want to add I have been working on research, which isn’t writing, but very necessary.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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