Fresh Air

There’s been a distinct lack of writing in the past few days that I would call constructive. That’s entirely my fault. While I have been doing some research, which is always good, I wish I put a little more effort into writing. That’s I begin this post with me contemplating writing, and a few other tasks.

One task that comes to mind is the fact that I need to clean my bedroom. It’s stuffy, and I jumped all over the place. I said I was going to write, but I can’t do that in a junkie room. Dirty clothes need to be put into the hamper, and anything laying on the chair or couch needs to be placed away. I can tell you right now how you can feel like playing games in that room, let alone write.

So I open the windows a little, to listen fresh air in. In the meantime I’m writing this to get my day going. The research consisted of me watching shows looking for their structure. I was looking for the opening teaser, the act outs, and the tag. It got a little more consuming than I imagined. Previously I read some scripts for these parts of the structure. I also read a couple of articles on how to better describe your characters within the script. So I just I have been making some kind of progress, it’s just that I wanted to write more and I found myself writing less.

At the bare minimum I have a blog post now. I am very satisfied with this post. It reminds me that writing requires little bit more finesse, and that missing writing means its part of the process. Also now I have time set aside to write, which is a good thing.

Let me add, if I haven’t, about this script I’m working on. It’s a fantasy-based story, and I wanted to get the structure for writing at hour-long television show correct. I also looked at the logistics of the tale I wrote. Some of the events weren’t lining up like I would like them too. So this meant looking at how they were presented. It also meant rearranging what I wrote, and when it happens within the timeframe.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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