Tuesday Goodness

Got a lot mixed up as I pondered what day it was. That’s never good, and just as funny. It’s Tuesday, and I spaced out a little. It’s time to put the effort into creativity. Perhaps I should start with breakfast. Breakfast is always good.

Outside is a little gloomy, as it looks like it wants to rain. One positive to the gloomy is that it isn’t radiating heat like the summer typically does. Sometimes it’s a small blessing in the mix. As I type this, the sun has peered through the gloom. I hope the weather doesn’t get too hot. Will stay positive.

Goofed off, and wrote some lines for a nonsensical story. Am curious as to what happens if I add a few more lines to it. This piece of fiction is pure goofing off. No deep thought into anything. If it gets deep, then it’s no good to me. I consider it an exercise. I just want to see it through to the end, which is a first draft. Perhaps more stories should flow like this.

The pilot script still needs work. The outline I made to summarize it all still needs to be done. It means some of the material already written will go to the second episode. At the very least, I have material for the second episode. All I can do with this one is keep writing. The ideas flow as I long as I stay with it.

I have some short stories I wanted to write more on. Perhaps I shouldn’t think about what is going on in them, as I was a bit stuck with some of them. Others I abandoned, and only looked at when I saw my file pages, and I was trying to clean up my laptop of excess files. All I can do is keep working on them as well.

Happy creative endeavors.


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