Evening Writing

The day started simple. I like it. Had to manage some debt issues. Might as well. Faced it head on and came to a resolution.  This told me to face some writing head on as well.  Last night there was some working on what I thought was my cold open. It’s a little too long to be the cold open, and today it expanded even more.  So rather than be pissed off, I wondered where else it could fit within the story. It made me feel accomplished.  It’s getting stuff done.  For the record, “cold open” is the intro into a TV show. They can be from three to five minutes, and serves to get a viewer hooked.

So, after I take me a little writing break, and let my thoughts relax, I want to take on something else. perhaps my open/teaser will be something else, and this is simply part of  a set-up for another story. There are also a couple of scenes that need to be rewritten and adjusted that I’m already determined to make happen. So in the midst of revisions, things shall fall into place.

Happy creative endeavors.




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