Nap Time

Today was one of those days where a headache sits in the background and edges it’s way to the forefront. I found myself trying to get someone to eat, taking a couple of aspirin, then having a nap. It helped a lot, as I don’t feel Mr. Headache anymore. That’s always good.

Before I went to sleep I did try to structure the act to this script. Part of the issue was that I was concerned about how and when things happen. It’s a logistics and time issue, and what I want the viewer to see first. My thought was to rearrange some of the material, but instinct is telling me to leave parts of it as is. I’m gonna keep my instinct.

Did more research on using a template for creating a script with more than one main character/storyline. Dividing up the time and pages was a little more trickier than I imagined, but it’s doable.

I should also mention that this is a fantasy-action story. It took a while to build and describe several aspects. I also have notes on how the world works, and that goes into the series bible as opposed to all in the actual script. The first episode has a lot to cover, especially when I see the potential for growth for a recurring character, who ties several situations together.

Talking about it makes me want to write more. Hooray for blogging being positive and enjoyable.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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