The Feeling Disrespected Post

Forgive me, as I haven’t posted in a good while, and today is the day something gets blogged. Today is about addressing a topic that I hear often with family and friends that has to do with feeling disrespected by other folks. My goal is that this posting helps and inspire  readers to not fall into the traps of being upset when one can shake off the garbage people try to heap on you. Being armed with a little knowledge puts a lot of perspective and power in your hands.

From time to time, I hear family and friends say that they’ve felt disrespected in various situations. The situations range from friendships, relationships, and working. The common thread is that someone shoots off at the mouth with the intention of putting out insults and pettiness. Nothing gets resolved, and a few peeps have stated how pissed this has left them. First let me say, anytime someone has put out pettiness, and insults, they’ve already lost. How? Well why not resolve the issue and be done with it?

If someone’s coming at you indirectly, it means they didn’t have the courage or the the character to own up to their actions and words. They, are in effect acknowledging their self-laothing behavior and shameful selves by acting and speaking where and when they know they can’t be called on their actions. Think about this, if someone didn’t like what you said or did, wouldn’t they at least address you person to person, get it out of their system, and yours?

We are all imperfect creatures, and all of us are prone to great mistakes.  Being upset is natural. We can all be negatively impacted by the way people act and speak. I believe that a lot of us are trying to be better people, and trying to live good/positive lives. It doesn’t excuse nasty behavior, and I’d like for peeps to at least see nastiness, and disrespect for what it is: that disrespectful person wishes you could feel as bad as they feel about themselves and the world. They want that “last word” to feel good about themselves. That feeling never gets filled, and they move onto the next person trying to fill that hole in their soul. Let them try. You know they’re trying to give you their drama.

You don’t need extra drama when you’re trying to stay positive and forward thinking. This is what I share with people in hopes they will have a better outlook on the situation, and find the power to move way from dwelling on negativity, and negative people. Yes, the less you acknowledge weak people, the nastier they behave, but at the same time, no matter what they do, they can’t steal your shine. If that shine burns them, well, they need to move one, and that’s not your responsibility.

As always, happy creative endeavors.




3 thoughts on “The Feeling Disrespected Post

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  2. Great post!!! I am in total agreement with your statement, “anytime someone has put out pettiness, and insults, they’ve already lost.” The amount of nitpicky drama, especially on facebook posts and comments (Yikes!), is mind boggling to me. You don’t like something I did or said? Then tell me. I’m a big girl and I can take it. There’s no reason to go way out and around and indirectly vent your frustrations or anger publicly to be spiteful.

    • Thank you for your response.

      Social media sometimes turns into a nasty outlet. Having friends, and myself faced with drama online and offline has lead me to find better ways to cope with people, and communicate better. One thing I will add is that if a person can’t say anything to you directly, it’s not worth your time time to even digest. I prefer my drama in fiction.

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