The Tuesday Shuffle

Yesterday was a bit of a distraction as not much writing got done. That’s a huge disappointment, as I like to see something written in a file or in print. This reminds me that now is the time to grab my notebook and scribble down some notes I should have done yesterday. Since it’s been in my head, committing it to paper shouldn’t be too difficult.

Sunday, I wrote some. It was an idea that percolated in my brain for a while, and I decided that that it needed a file. The goal was for a page worth of concept and plot. Got that down. Allowed it to marinate, but haven’t thought of it. Yet another story has legs, and as much as it feels good to have something out of my head, and into file, there are current stories on the table. The goal is to get the what’s on the table completed. The script needs more work, hence the note pad and scribbling down stuff.

So, here’s to sorting stuff out and prioritizing. I may need some coffee. There’s no tea in my home.

Happy creative endeavors.


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