Gender Lines in the Text

First, let me say that if someone pays you a sincere compliment in your writing, believe them. You’ll know its sincere, and don’t let it go to your head. That said, a friend once pointed out to me that I wrote several stories based on gender issues. By issues, I mean addressing the topic of gender, roles, and identity. This is true for many of my stories. At some point you may find a story, written by me that contains elements of sex and mythology. It fascinates me, and gets my gears going. I don’t wish to forget that.

This said, I’m looking at a different gender issue today. I was creating some characters, and using a particular way to describe them. I used second person to write them (ex. “you are serious in your studies, and don’t let anyone stand in the way of your academic goals”). This was an attempt to write out characteristics I like without assigning gender. This was supposed to be a way that I could go at creating guys and ladies by their accomplishments, skills, and viewpoints.

One thing I did, is the forth character became male as typing progressed. Now I’m wondering if I can turn the character into a female, as I mussed up the original goal, and I want to challenge my notions of characters and their creation. So I have my first female character. On a side note, I intended to create a mentor role if I was too short of women in the story. That happened in several concepts already, so I wanted to break that up.

Granted I’m trying to make good stories and not trying to be politically correct, and I don’t think inclusion is necessarily PC, or political. The goal was to try and think more on the lines of character, and less than gender. It was a personal experiment in writing. The story itself has yet to be written. It does have four characters that I do like.

Happy creative endeavors.


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